EveryStep Nurse Karina Kisner: "I absolutely love my job!"

Karina Kisner

According to Zippia research, 65% of Americans are happy with their job, but only 20% are passionate about their career. Karina Kisner is in the latter category. And she lives her passion at EveryStep.

Karina is a registered nurse case manager with EveryStep Home Care in Des Moines. “I absolutely love what I do,” says Karina. “I love the connections with my patients and their families.”

Karina worked in a variety of nursing settings before joining EveryStep in 2022. “I have dipped my fingers into a little bit of everything nursing-wise. I’ve been in hospitals, assisted living, home care and clinic nursing.”

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For Karina, having the autonomy EveryStep offers has made the difference between liking her job and loving it. “In previous positions, there was somebody always looking over my shoulder. I don't mind guidance, but I don't want to be micromanaged either and I don't feel like I'm micromanaged here. I have a great relationship with my clinic manager. She is a fantastic soul and I know that I can call her if I have a problem. It’s more of a family environment here and definitely more caring than anywhere else that I've ever worked. It’s a better work-life balance than I’ve ever had before.”

As a home health nurse, Karina sees patients wherever they call home, whether that’s an apartment, house or assisted living facility. “Our goal is to see patients stay in their homes for as long as they possibly can,” says Karina. This means not only providing hands-on nursing care, but also education about the disease process and medication management for both the patient and family members.

“There’s always something different and no day is ever the same,” says Karina. “I feel like I’m doing what I was really called to do. Helping patients be healthier and live longer so they can be there for their kids, grandkids, their animals — whatever is important to them? Wow.”

EveryStep currently has many opportunities for nurses and aides. EveryStep employees enjoy a supportive culture, competitive compensation and benefits, work/life balance and flexibility, and the knowledge that their employer shares their values of integrity, respect, compassion, excellence and teamwork. To learn more about EveryStep’s career opportunities, visit www.everystep.org/careers

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