Not Just a Nurse: A Story of Our Nurse-Family Partnership Program

The program helps clients establish healthy habits in preparation for their babies by matching a newly pregnant woman with a home-visiting nurse like Miller, who checks in with the family until the child turns 2 years old.

Death is Not Something to Be Feared

Sixty-eight percent of people in the United States admit they have a fear of death. Whether that be a fear of their own death or the death of their closest friends and family, people are scared of what could be the ultimate end.

Leaves are supposed to fall. People aren't: 6 Fall-Prevention Strategies

The fall season brings to mind caramel apples, football, carving pumpkins, cool weather, and the beautiful display of tree foliage changing colors.

Kind Natured Heart & Taking Care of People: A Story from a Case Manager

When Ethel Picado was a little girl, she never thought she would be a nurse, she just knew she loved learning. That love was enhanced in 2012 when she joined EveryStep.