A Story from our Community Home Visitation Program: Katelyn

If there is one lesson that life teaches everyone, it's that change is difficult. For Katelyn, a 22-year-old mother of four, life has been a whirlwind of change. Katelyn's ability to accept change and then adapt to it has helped her to build a beautiful, healthy family, but it hasn't always been easy. An essential part of Katelyn's wellbeing during challenging times has been her willingness to ask for help. EveryStep's Community Home Visitation program answered her call.

A Story from Our Hospice Houses: Jim Donlan

"This is another beautiful day God has given me." Those are the words spoken to Jim Donlan by a terminally ill elderly woman his very first day as a volunteer with EveryStep Hospice. More than twenty years later, Jim still recounts to every new volunteer he meets the story of that day, eager to convey to others the inspiring and meaningful memories he made as even a rookie hospice volunteer.

A Story from Our Volunteers: Christy Galt

When Christy Galt retired at the age of 60 she knew she wanted to continue to contribute in her community in some way. That's where the EveryStep Giving Tree thrift store came into play. Galt has always had a special place in her heart for hospice care. While she hasn't personally been touched by the end-of-life care, she has admired the mission of such organizations.

A Story from Our Nurse-Family Partnership Program: Crystal A.

As a young, first time mom, Crystal didn't know how much help she was going to need. "At first I didn't want to take the program," Crystal recalled of first learning about EveryStep's Nurse-Family Partnership. The program helps clients establish healthy habits in preparation for their babies by matching a newly pregnant woman with a home-visiting nurse who checks in with the family until the child turns 2 years old.