Four Common Medication Problems in Aging

If you're helping an older person with health and healthcare, chances are that person is taking at least a few prescription medications. Do you ever wonder if he or she is on the right medications? Do you worry about side effects and interactions?

It Takes a Village: A Story from our Community Home Visitation Program

It is often said that raising a baby takes a village. Unfortunately, sometimes there is no village to help.

Gaiana and John Tapscott: From long-term volunteers to clients

Gaiana and John Tapscott were no strangers to EveryStep Care & Support Services. The couple served as long-term volunteers for the non-profit organization's hospice program.

7 Points to Consider When Caring for Aging Parents

Are you prepared for the decline of your aging parent? Perhaps your mom or dad is living alone and refusing health care assistance. You are running yourself ragged trying to do everything so they can live comfortably at home. And then there's a fall. Now what?