Flu Shot Clinic

When you sign-up with EveryStep, we take care of everything else. Whether your clinic is for a school, senior living community, corporation, or other business, EveryStep can help. Here's how:

  • Convenient on-site flu clinics at your workplace.
  • Online registration for employers.
  • Educational materials to increase employee participation.
  • Qualified, experienced, and friendly nurses to administer flu vaccinations.
  • Submission of insurance claims on your behalf.

Why Choose EveryStep Community Health?

Here's how EveryStep stands out:

  • Competitive pricing.
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate multiple sites and times.
  • Various billing options available.
  • Other immunization services available upon request.

Plus, proceeds from flu clinics support our vital programs that serve over 67,000 women, children, families, and seniors every year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does EveryStep provides services in all Iowa counties?

EveryStep may provide services in all Iowa counties depending on timing of requests and estimated number of participants.

Is there a charge to administer? 

There is no separate charge to administer and no separate charge for clinics at multiple locations.

How do I request a quote for an on-site flu shot event? 

Just fill out the form below and we’ll send you a quote within the next two or three business days.

Is there a charge for flu shots ordered/planned and not used?

An organization will not be held financially response for estimated flu vaccinations not given.

Is there a minimum per location required?

In general, 10 participants is the minimum required for a nurse to come onsite to vaccinate. If multiple locations are requested, exceptions may be made depending on circumstances.

Are the flu shots stored at room temperature, and is there an expiration or specific timeline we need to consider?

Flu vaccines do need to be kept within a specific temperature range, but nurses will bring vaccines in coolers on site and can maintain the proper temperature for several hours.

Is there an online sign-up process, and will all paperwork be done electronically?

We do have an online sign-up system (see form below) so that participants can schedule themselves within the time frame of the flu clinic. We can send the PDF flu vaccination consent form to the organization contact for distribution before the clinic. The on site vaccination process is more efficient if employees can have paper copies ready for the nurse on the day of the clinic. We are working on utilizing an electronic system in the future.

Are participants required to register ahead of time?

We do not require pre-registration ahead of time, though registering ahead of time cuts down wait time and helps the clinic run more smoothly. It is highly recommended for companies with more than 50 employees register in advance.  

If the employee or dependent has insurance, will that be charged directly?

We will bill the insurance company directly; we file the insurance claims for the employees with the health insurance information given to us at the time of vaccination. Copies, both front and back, of the health insurance card is preferred.

Is there a co-pay or anything like that we need to consider?

We will not collect any insurance co-pays at the on site flu vaccination clinic. After the health insurance claim is filed and processed, any remaining financial responsibility will be invoiced to the individual directly. Generally, most insurance companies cover preventative care in full, but there are still plans that have a co-pay or deductible that is the patient responsibility.



To request a quote for an on-site health or wellness clinic at your business, use our online form below or call us at 515-499-0536 or email communityhealth@everystep.org.

Flu Shot Clinic Request

Minimum of 10 shots required to schedule a flu vaccination clinic.