Wellness/Biometric Screenings

Wellness screenings are conducted at your workplace to allow employees to become aware of their risk factors for chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. This assessment is beneficial in many ways for both the individual and the company. Health should be a priority for every business - from schools to senior living communities to businesses and corporations.

Participants receive a comprehensive review of their personal health status, including the following measurements:

  • Blood pressure
  • Height/weight
  • BMI/body fat
  • Fingerstick-lipid profile and glucose level
  • Venipuncture-25 component chemistry panel and complete blood count

What Sets Us Apart

EveryStep Community Health offers a comprehensive screening tool set, including an online health risk assessment, customizable onsite events with online biometric screenings, and a variety of remote options. EveryStep's online health risk assessment (HRA) guides participants through every step of the screening process, including registration, health risk assessment, easy-to-read results, and targeted education.

Employee Value

Employee participants can access program information, receive reminders, and sign up for a screening time and location that is convenient to them. After the screening, employees can take a variety of follow-up actions based on their results, including incentives tracking, targeted educational resources, health coaching, and a follow-up form they can take to their doctor.

Employer Value

EveryStep provides reports that offer detailed insights into overall employee health, helping organizations structure future programs that appropriately address identified risks, leading to improved employee health and reduced costs.


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