A Lasting Memory: The Pérez-Martinez Family

Erika Pérez's husband was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. Given a prognosis of six months to live, the Pérez-Martinez family has made it their mission to make the most of their time together.

And that's just what they did on a sunny afternoon recently as Erika, her husband Miguel and children Cristian, 6, and Angel, 3, smiled for new family photos.

"Miguel wanted to take some family pictures to have for the kids," Erika notes. "He wanted them to have them in memory of him being with us and being a family."

With time and finances in question, Miguel's EveryStep Hospice social worker, Dana McCarthy, arranged for a professional to photograph the family, while the EveryStep Foundation stepped in to cover the costs of prints and a few frames.

"All of us, we were having a great time," Erika recalls of taking the photos. "It was something special for us as a family that we'll have for life. 

Erika says her family is grateful for EveryStep and the care Miguel has received.

"It has been really good," she said. "Everyone is really nice. Everyone is here for us. It's really helpful to have someone to talk to. 

Without the EveryStep care team and foundation, Erika says having a lasting photo of Miguel and the family wouldn't have been possible.

"I just want to thank everyone that has been here for us," she said. "They were really nice pictures and all the people that come and help us are very, very nice people."

EveryStep strives to provide patients, clients and their families with compassionate care. One way EveryStep does this is through its Quality of Life program, which offers peace of mind and creates lasting memories for clients and their families, whether that be paying for utilities because finances are tight or fulfilling end-of-life wishes.

You, too, can contribute to EveryStep’s Quality of Life program by supporting the EveryStep Foundation. For more information on the EveryStep Foundation and donation options, click here.