EveryStep Interpretation

Our highly trained interpreters are here to bridge the gap in the area of linguistics. We provide interpretation in the professional fields of social work, healthcare, and education. We strive to provide interpretation services to our growing refugee immigration population as our local demographics continue to become more diverse. Our goal is to continue to grow and set the bar for the interpretation profession.

The benefit to choosing EveryStep Interpretation is that all our interpreters must pass language proficiency test in English and their native tongue prior to being offered a position in our organization. Once they are part of the organization, the staff will be trained as Mandatory Reporter of Child and Adult Abuse as well as offered continuous training in the healthcare and human service field.

Community Interpreter Training

EveryStep offers affordable and specialized training to anyone in the community who wants to improve their interpretation skills. Courses are designed for people who are bilingual in English and at least one other language, with English being a person's second language. Course content is tailored for individuals who work in the fields of healthcare, education, and social services.

We help participants learn the standards of practice to become professional interpreters — a valuable asset to a person’s career, their employer and the people they serve. Our training features real-life scenarios from community interpreters, in-person practice sessions, self-assessments and group discussions that empower participants with both theoretical learning and concrete skills.

For more information about specific course offerings, requirements and our facilitators, download a copy of our brochure below.

Interpreter Training Brochure

For questions, or to request information about upcoming trainings, please e-mail interpretertraining@everystep.org.

Helping Organizations and Businesses

EveryStep Interpretation can help your organization or business improve client satisfaction, workflow efficiencies, and billing opportunities as you work with clients who have communication barriers. Our carefully recruited interpreters have intimate, first-hand knowledge of not only the cultures within communities but also the struggles and challenges families face when resettling in the U.S. Our interpreters:

  • Are native speakers with in-depth language and cultural knowledge.
  • Have a solid understanding in how to access community health and human service programs.
  • Are immersed in their community and are able to help your clients - from newly arrived families to those who are well on their way to an independent lifestyle.
  • Are empathetic and compassionate, desiring the best outcomes for each client. 

The benefits to choosing EveryStep Interpretation include:

  • All our interpreters must pass a language proficiency test in English and their native tongue prior to being offered a position in our organization.
  • Prior to employment, it is required that they pass a TB test, urine analysis, drug screening, complete physical, and a background check.
  • All our staff is trained as Mandatory Reporter of Child and Adult Abuse.
  • All our interpreters are offered continuous training in Interpretation in the healthcare and human service field, as well as professional development training.

EveryStep collaborated with IDHHS and the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa to create a video series related to brain trauma.

This video provides the opportunity for you to consider pathways to identify individuals from ethnic communities who may have experienced brain injury over the course of their lives. Our instructional content is tailored to be culturally sensitive and informative on the need to address brain injury concerns among refugees and immigrants. Furthermore, we have included voiceovers in Swahili, Pashto, and Burmese, which can be shared with families to assist in recognizing potential symptoms that may indicate history of brain injury or brain altering trauma and local resources for you to learn more.

Competitive Rates

Our quality interpretation services at competitive rates. Additional information regarding the costs of our services is listed below.

- Our fees are $60 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour for face-to-face interpretation. If you choose to conduct telehealth or phone interpretation, the rates will be $15 per quarter hour increment. Due to HIPAA compliant measures, we prefer to utilize Microsoft Teams platform for our telehealth interpretation. 

We do not charge mileage in Polk County; any travel outside of Polk County will be charged $0.58/mile.

Request Form

If you are not a client and would like to become one, please fill out the form below. You will receive a call or an email within one (1) business day from receipt of the form. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 515-557-9008 or email interpretation@everystep.org.