A Story of Grief, Hope and Healing: Brandon Foldes

When Brandon Foldes was 13 years old, his five-year-old sister died suddenly from a rare infection. The trauma of her loss – and the grief support he received afterward – would one day move Brandon to advocate for services that offer comfort and understanding to children grieving a loved one.

Years after the loss of his sister, Brandon was able to fully understand the impact, support and importance of the grief support he received as a youth. As he and his wife began a family of their own, Brandon wanted to dedicate intentional time to a non-profit in the Des Moines community.

Brandon heard about EveryStep Grief & Loss Services' Amanda the Panda Grief Center and knew its mission was one he wanted to be part of. Brandon quickly started volunteering, delivering meals to support groups and helping plan the annual golf fundraiser, the Good Grief Golf Open. Brandon loves that Amanda the Panda offers a “judgement free zone and provides an open space for anyone that has experienced the death of a loved one.”

"This incredible service is offered to all in our community at no cost - which is a gift to Iowa families," says Brandon.

Brandon is a member of the Amanda the Panda family. He has seen the great benefit of Amanda the Panda becoming part of the EveryStep organization, and believes the bereavement programs are best-in-class. As a member of the organization’s Board of Trustees, Brandon is proud to help raise funds for EveryStep and Amanda the Panda bereavement programs. Each year he has become increasingly more involved with the Good Grief Golf Open. He encourages businesses to shine in their philanthropy and invite clients out for the big event. The day is filled with fun while tackling such a difficult, yet important topic. 

“Amanda the Panda and other [EveryStep] programs help others feel like they are not alone though their grief," says Brandon.h

To become involved in or attend the Good Grief Golf Open, click here.