Staying Social: EveryStep Giving Tree Volunteer Kay Riel

Kay Riel loves interacting with people. She spent nearly two decades as an office manager for an eye clinic and dentist working with both patients and staff members before retiring. 
It wasn’t long after retirement that she decided she needed something to do, and a place to connect with people. That’s when her friend brought her to EveryStep Giving Tree thrift store in Urbandale. 
“It’s for such a good cause, I started volunteering two days a week,” Kay recalls. “I really enjoy working with people. And I’m always up front at the register helping.” 
While Kay recently cut back to one day a week, she hopes to soon work her way back to two days of volunteering. 
“Everyone is so nice, it’s great to socialize. We’ve all become friends and keep in contact over text,” she says of carving out friendships with fellow volunteers. “I always look forward to coming to Giving Tree.” 
Kay says she often suggests her friends stop by to see about volunteering. While none have taken her up on the opportunity, she’ll continue to share her experience at EveryStep Giving Tree with others. 
“It’s just a lot of fun,” she says. 

If you're interested in volunteer opportunities with EveryStep Giving Tree thrift store, visit our website and complete our volunteer application.