EveryStep Offers Innovative Reimbursement for Pregnant Employees

Doula and client

Iowa nonprofit EveryStep now offers an innovative program to reimburse its expecting employees for the cost of doula services. The American Pregnancy Association cites numerous studies showing that having a doula present during birth decreases the Cesarean rate, the length of labor and the use of pain medication, and increases positive birth outcomes.

“EveryStep is proud to already offer doula services to qualified clients in central Iowa,” says EveryStep president and CEO Tray Wade. “It only made sense to our leadership team to offer this benefit to our staff. It’s good for our employees and good for our organization. EveryStep is committed to being an employer that reflects our values as an organization both internally and externally.”

Doulas are trained to focus on the needs of the expecting mother, offering education, emotional support, physical comfort and advocacy. EveryStep vice president of community health services Jen Groves says providing doula services as part of employee health care helps pregnant individuals feel supported and valued. “EveryStep has always been a leader in work-life balance. This is a natural extension of staff support. We believe offering reimbursement for doula services is part of a truly inclusive culture.”

The new EveryStep policy will reimburse doula expenses up to $1,000 for full-time staff employed at least 12 months. EveryStep will verify that the doula is certified and meets the criteria for providing services before, during, and after labor and birth. Payments will be made directly to the doula once the claim is received and approved.

EveryStep’s doula services are offered at no cost to clients who qualify. Additionally, EveryStep offers specialized doula services to empower pregnant individuals who identify as Black or African American. EveryStep doulas help clients on their path through healthy pregnancy, delivery and post-partum experiences.

EveryStep has been offering nonprofit care and support for Iowans since 1908, with at least one of its 30-plus programs in each of Iowa’s 99 counties. Staff and programs provide support and education to young moms; assistance to immigrants and refugees; in-home care to people who are ill, injured or facing the end of life; and compassionate support to families during times of grief and loss.

To find confidential support and care through EveryStep, visit www.everystep.org/find-care. To learn about EveryStep career opportunities go to www.everystep.org/careers.