EveryStep Opens Dedicated COVID-19 Hospice Unit On April 27

Update:  Thanks to successful community partnering in addressing the needs of dying patients with COVID-19, the EveryStep Hospice COVID-19 Unit is not currently needed. As a result, the unit was closed in early June 2020.

At EveryStep, we are committed to offering care and support to vulnerable Iowans as they face difficult moments and healthcare challenges. The current COVID-19 pandemic is no exception.

The novel coronavirus will continue affecting the seriously ill, high-risk populations we serve. In response, EveryStep has stepped up our ability to care for patients with COVID-19 by opening a dedicated hospice unit exclusively for their care at our Bright Kavanagh Center in east Des Moines.

The EveryStep Hospice COVID-19 Unit will open on Monday, April 27th.

Located in the Glazer-Burt Wing at EveryStep’s Bright Kavanagh Center, 3000 Easton Blvd., in Des Moines, the six-room unit will be exclusively available to hospice patients with COVID-19 who need 24/7 care. No other patients are receiving care in the building.

EveryStep’s Kavanagh House on 56th Street in Des Moines, and Greater Regional Hospice Home in Creston will continue to serve hospice patients who have not been diagnosed with COVID-19.

“During these unprecedented times, EveryStep aims to ensure all Iowans – whether they are COVID-19 positive or not – receive compassionate care, surrounded by those they love, as they traverse the end-of-life journey,” said Tray Wade, president & CEO of EveryStep. “By opening this dedicated COVID-19 unit, EveryStep is honoring the spirit of our supporters who first helped us build Bright Kavanagh Center – and to continue its legacy of providing care to those who need it most.”

EveryStep’s dedicated COVID-19 unit will strive to provide the same compassionate care to patients they would receive at our other hospice homes, this includes the ability for screened family members to visit and interact with their loved ones.

 While the COVID-19 unit will implement safety precautions to protect against spread of the virus, we understand that the end of life is a delicate time for many families, and we have implemented a visitor policy to ensure they are not alone during these difficult times.

For more information on EveryStep's COVID-19 unit, policies and procedures, click here

For more information on EveryStep's COVID-19 unit visitor policies, click here. 

Accepting COVID-19 Hospice Patients
EveryStep teams continue to accept referrals and make visits to hospice and home health care patients who are ill, injured or facing the end of life. EveryStep screens all patients at admission and prior to every visit for any symptoms or confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 within the home. Over the coming weeks and months, we anticipate the need for our services to continue to rise.

If your loved one is facing life-limiting illness and is unable to continue living at home or in a nursing care facility, the EveryStep Hospice COVID-19 Unit may be an option offering a safe, home-like environment.

If you know someone who might need our care, please contact EveryStep Hospice at 515-333-5800. All patients are screened at admission to determine if special cares and protections should go in place for treating COVID-19 – either in the comfort of their own homes, or in ours.