EveryStep Receives $10K Grant For PPE From Morgan E. Cline Foundation

EveryStep Hospice and Home Care in Centerville was recently the recipient of a $10,000 grant from the Morgan E. Cline Foundation.

The grant, which was presented to EveryStep team director Brian Hargrave and EveryStep Foundation executive director Julie Matternas, was provided with the purpose of securing personal protective equipment (PPE) for EveryStep care staff.

"The last year has been very different as far as infection control measures go," Hargrave said during the presentation. "There's a much greater need for PPE than in the past. This will allow us to ensure our staff is as safe as they can be, and keep our patients and their families safe. Having the support of Morgan E. Cline Foundation is incredible.

EveryStep was one of several local organizations in Appanoose County to receive a grant from the Morgan Cline Foundation on Wednesday, as the organization provided more than $125,000 in total grants.

"This is an example of an organization that does a tremendous amount of good in the county. And particularly in a year like this, we wanted to support an organization that provides this sometimes unheralded good."

The Morgan E. Cline Foundation fosters viable and thriving communities in and around Appanoose County by collaborating to provide resources and professional support to local charitable organizations.