EveryStep's Top 20 Gifts for New Parents

Gifts for New Parents

An internet search of “gift ideas for new parents” offers a variety of results. Healthline’s list of the 20 best gifts for new parents includes items like a new scarf, coffee machine and trip to a spa. The website Very Well Family includes suggestions for a necklace, essential oil diffuser or silk sleep mask.

While these gift ideas for new parents would be appreciated by anyone, the parenting experts at EveryStep developed a comprehensive list of items they suggest for new parents on your gift list.

Here is EveryStep’s Top 20 List of Gifts for New Parents:

  1. Cleaning. Consider hiring a cleaning service or a one-time deep clean. You could also offer to do laundry or clean bathrooms yourself.
  2. Groceries/Meals. A meal subscription or delivery service would also be a great idea.
  3. Oil change for the car.
  4. Payment for one or two weeks of daycare.
  5. Diapers, wipes, formula or breast milk storage bags.
  6. Be the babysitter for their date night.
  7. Experiences like zoo tickets, museums or events.
  8. Money for a child savings account.
  9. Self-care items like aromatherapy bath items and lotions.
  10. Bedside basket for mom and baby needs (ChapStick, tissues, nursing cream, diapers, wipes, etc.).
  11. Baby headphones to protect hearing at loud events.
  12. Gift card for online photo and book printing.
  13. Sound machine.
  14. Baby bath toys.
  15. Portable diaper changing mat.
  16. Frida baby items, especially the NoseFrida.
  17. Oogiebear baby nose cleaner.
  18. Breastfeeding-friendly button-up cozy pajamas for mom.
  19. Chocolates.
  20. Board books. Our staff recommended “Wherever You Are, My Love Will Find You” by Nancy Tillman and “Little Blue Truck” by Alice Schertle.

Our EveryStep parenting and child experts also suggested considering thrifting for items like baby clothes. EveryStep Giving Tree in Urbandale has a great selection of gently used baby clothes and accessories. One EveryStep team member remembered her baby girl received gifts like designer baby boots and hats. “Save your money!” said the EveryStep expert. “She doesn’t need that!”

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