For The Love of Thrifting: Jane's Story

Jane first heard about the EveryStep Giving Tree thrift store from a friend several years ago. Since then she's been a frequent customer of the Urbandale store. 

"It was recommended to me by a friend," Jane recalls. "She told me about everything that was there, and that when you make a purchase the proceeds go toward a good cause. I really appreciate that." 

EveryStep Giving Tree thrift store helps carry out the EveryStep non-profit mission by directing all proceeds from thrift store sales toward programs and services which benefit EveryStep's patients, clients and their families. 

It's that mission, and the treasure trove of merchandise that keeps Jane coming back. 

"Rather than just finding something else, it was nice, makes you feel good," she says of shopping at EveryStep Giving Tree. "I think that's important. That's really one of the reasons we keep going back, it feels like you're making a contribution." 

While Jane admits that she's at a point where she probably doesn't need to be looking for anything, there's always something unique at the store that "just seems like it would be a good fit." 

Sometimes a trip to the store includes a donation, too. Recently, Jane and her husband donated their large dining room table. 

"Just the other day we purchased a table there," she says. "We were able to donate our big dinning room table, and then found a smaller one that was perfect for the two of us. We're kind of able to pay it forward with our things, and it's a good place to find a home for our big table." 

Interested in donating? Download the EveryStep Giving Tree donation guide.  

While she enjoys hunting for the unique pieces at EveryStep Giving Tree, it isn't always about shopping for Jane. Over the years, she's made a connection with the volunteers and staff. 

"A lot of times we go, we just enjoy the people who volunteer there," she says. "They're very friendly and nice. We get a chance to talk. You feel like you're at a hometown store." 

Jane says she wouldn't hesitate to recommend EveryStep Giving Tree to anyone looking for a nice shopping experience. 

"Everything that is presented is of good, high quality, and you feel like you're in a furniture or a clothing store, not a thrift shop," she says of the atmosphere. "And it's a good feeling knowing that your purchases are going to benefit someone else."