Eliminating Barriers To Care: Mu's Story

Each month, a case manager from EveryStep's Healthy Start program visits with Mu at her home offering educational information and resources to the mother of four.

This spring, Mu knew her family needed additional help when her daughter began complaining of a toothache.

The situation came to a head during the COVID-19 pandemic. With her regular dentist unable to see patients, Mu asked her case manager for help finding someone to examine her daughter's teeth.

After identifying a dentist who was accepting new patients, the case manager helped Mu schedule an appointment. However, the barriers to care didn't end there.

The clinic required paperwork prior to seeing Mu's daughter. In order to get a same-day appointment, the case manager and an EveryStep interpreter were able to help Mu fill out some of the information. Unfortunately, when Mu arrived at the clinic there were portions of her paperwork left blank and she was unable to have her daughter's teeth examined.

Again, EveryStep's case manager and interpreter stepped up and provided Mu with additional help and scheduled another appointment.

Eventually, Mu's daughter was seen and she was referred to a pediatric clinic to assist in care for her cavities. Mu's case manager helped arrange transportation to that visit.

However, the clinic did not have interpretation services available. To ensure Mu's daughter could quickly receive care, EveryStep's case manager and interpreter joined the first visit via phone, helping Mu to participate in her daughter's care.

"Now everything is going well because of EveryStep," Mu said.

As a result, Mu's daughter received the care she needed and is feeling much better. Additionally, EveryStep worked with the pediatric clinic to arrange for interpretation services for other clients in the future.

With her daughter's teeth on the mend, Mu asked for additional help in understanding the medication for her youngest child, a four-month-old baby boy.

"After my son was born, he started having trouble breathing and I didn't understand a lot of the medications," Mu said. "Rachel [an EveryStep case manager] really helped me, explaining, and understanding the medication and how to use them. I got a lot of help."

Mu says she recommends everyone seek resources through EveryStep.

"They help us a lot, it's very good for us to work with them," she said.

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