International Translation Day Highlights Work of EveryStep Interpreters

In 2017, the U.N. General Assembly declared September 30 as International Translation Day. The observance is meant as an opportunity to pay tribute to the work of language professionals. EveryStep strives to provide interpretation and translation services to Iowa’s growing refugee immigration population as our local demographics continue to become more diverse.

Batul Chol joined EveryStep over 19 years ago as an interpreter, then went to college to earn her degree, and returned to EveryStep to become a case manager for EveryStep’s Healthy Start program. “My native language is the Nuba Heiban language, which is one of the over 115 Sudanese languages. The official language that I interpreted for is Arabic,” says Batul.

Batul says making connections through language is what makes her job satisfying. “I feel happy that I can close the language gap between providers, case managers and clients. It makes it easier for them to communicate their needs.” This also enables EveryStep to work to meet those needs.

EveryStep interpreters:

  • Are native speakers with in-depth language and cultural knowledge.
  • Have a solid understanding of how to access community health and human service programs.
  • Are immersed in their community.
  • Are empathetic and compassionate, desiring the best outcomes for each client.

While EveryStep interpreters play a vital role in carrying out the services and programs provided by EveryStep, they are also available to other businesses and organizations. The benefits to choosing EveryStep Interpretation include:

  • All interpreters must pass a language proficiency test in English and their native tongue prior to being offered a position at EveryStep.
  • Prior to employment, it is required that they pass a TB test, urine analysis, drug screening, complete physical and a background check.
  • EveryStep staff are trained as Mandatory Reporters of Child and Adult Abuse.
  • All EveryStep interpreters are offered continuous training in interpretation in the healthcare and human service field, as well as professional development training.

EveryStep Interpretation helps organizations and businesses improve client satisfaction, workflow efficiencies and billing opportunities when working with clients who have communication barriers. Our carefully recruited interpreters have intimate, first-hand knowledge of not only the cultures within communities, but also the struggles and challenges families face when resettling in the U.S.

For Batul, working as an EveryStep interpreter created a path to a new career. “It opened doors to many opportunities that kept me learning each day until I came to where I am,” says Batul. “My skills as an interpreter helped me to work toward my current position and it made it easier to become a bilingual case manager. I am so happy and proud to be part of the EveryStep organization! EveryStep cares about its employees and the community.”

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