Keeping Your Employees Healthy: EveryStep Health's On-Site Flu Clinics

Last year, EveryStep provided more than 16,000 flu vaccinations and nearly 500 biometric screenings to businesses, organization, and civic groups through its Community Health program.

Heartland Area Education Agency was just one of the organizations to take part in an EveryStep corporate flu shot clinic.

As one of nine state funded agencies serving more than 145,000 children and students in school district throughout central Iowa, Heartland AEA understands the importance of keeping employees healthy.

"We feel it is important for our employees to have the opportunity to not only receive the flu shot but to make it easier for them to get it and at no cost or 'red tape' of insurance to them," Juliette Houseman, benefits specialist for Heartland AEA, said.

And so, for the past five years, Heartland AEA has worked with EveryStep to provide employees with the opportunity to receive a flu shot -- at no cost -- during the organization's annual all staff meeting.

Additionally, Houseman notes that the organization works with EveryStep to provide employees with a cost-free Hepatitis B shot throughout the year and at the annual meeting.

In all, about one-third of Heartland AEA's approximately 700 employees participate in the flu shot clinic, interacting with trained nurses to ensure they maintain a healthy workplace. 

"We truly appreciate that EveryStep not only has the ability to provide enough staff to complete a high volume amount of shots in a two hour window at our All Staff Mtg., but also works with our employees individually throughout the year, no matter where they are located, to provide them with the convenience of getting their Hep. B series of shots whenever and wherever it works best for the employee," Houseman said. "They are convenient, affordable, have first rate staff, and make the billing and documentation process easy!"

EveryStep's community health and wellness program offers competitive pricing, flexible scheduling, various billing options, and other immunization services upon request.

All proceeds from flu clinics support EveryStep's vital programs serving more Han 25,000 women, children, families and seniors every year.