Resolution: Volunteer With EveryStep!

Looking for a New Year's resolution with purpose? Want to become more active in your community? EveryStep can help!

At EveryStep we offer a number of volunteer opportunities for our community members to do just that; connect, create and contribute.

Our many volunteer programs provide interactive ways to connect with your peers, engage in community learning and health enrichment, and contribute to the life experiences of others.

Consider joining one of EveryStep's numerous volunteer programs:

EveryStep Giving Tree thrift storeSpend a few hours each week at our Urbandale thrift store. EveryStep Giving Tree volunteers spend their time completing a number of tasks, including stocking merchandise, cleaning and steaming clothing, running the register, pricing donations, greeting customers, and more.

• Senior Companions - EveryStep Senior Companions are volunteers ages 55 and older who provide friendship and assistance to older adults who need help with tasks, such as shopping, appointments, and recreation time. The program aims to help older adults maintain their independence longer and provide assistance to family caregivers.

• Hospice Volunteers - EveryStep Hospice volunteers provide compassion and companionship to patients and their families. From reading to hospice patients to running errands or providing family members with a reprieve from caregiving, volunteers offer care and support in many ways.

• Veteran-to-Veteran Program - Our Veteran-to-Veteran Program is a special service pairing Veterans who are volunteers with hospice patients who have served our country. A specialized Veteran-to-Veteran volunteer can provide companionship while talking, reading and sitting with patients. There are some issues veterans only feel comfortable sharing with other veterans. Veterans bring a unique skill set to help patients come to terms with past events, finding peace at end of life.

• Storybook Project – EveryStep’s Storybook Project volunteers help incarcerated parents and their children stay connected through reading. Volunteers help parents and grandmothers record themselves reading books for their children, birth to age 17, through a digital voice recorder. The stories are burned onto a CD and mailed, along with the book, to the children.

• Grief & Loss – EveryStep Grief & Loss Services’ Amanda the Panda program is always looking for volunteers to help facilitate peer support groups, assist at events and camps, help prepare Cheer Boxes, and much more.

To learn more about volunteering opportunities with EveryStep, click here. 

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