Spreading Joy With Baking: Volunteer Taylor Lynch

Editor's Note: While our dedicated baking volunteers have had to put their talents on hold during the pandemic, they eagerly look forward to once again being able to provide comfort food to families of EveryStep hospice patients. Here's a story highlighting one such dedicated volunteer.

With a history of working with the elderly in assisting living centers and seeing Greater Regional Hospice Home on her frequent runs through the neighborhood, Creston resident Taylor Lynch decided to seek volunteer opportunities with EveryStep.
"I was looking for a way to be part of the community and give back," Taylor recalls.
It turns out, Taylor already had a connection to EveryStep and the Greater Regional Hospice Home. In high school, EveryStep Hospice volunteer coordinator Angela Dodge was a teacher at Taylor’s school. 
"My best friend's mom is a hospice nurse in Mount Ayr where I grew up," she said. "I moved to Creston after college and I'd go for runs right by Greater Regional Hospice Home."
One day, Taylor decided to look online for ways to volunteer. With some prompting from her mom, she reached out to Angela.
When Taylor began the process to start volunteering with EveryStep, she wanted to visit with hospice patients.
While she still spends time with those staying at Greater Regional Hospice Home, she's also become one of the many bakers providing families and patients with a sweet treat during their time in the facility.
"They let me know that baking for the hospice house is always needed," Taylor recalls. "It's fulfilling. It brings me joy to give my time to others and share my hobby of baking."
From monster cookies to bars, Taylor tends to bake anything containing chocolate and caramel.
"I respond when we have the need," Taylor says, noting that she'll often receive an email from or call that the Greater Regional Hospice Home could use a baked good or two.
"I normally stick to my go-to, because I don't want to have a failure in baking. And these are things I can whip up pretty quickly," she says of baking monster cookies and almond cookies.
Sometimes, when Taylor gets the itch to bake she'll randomly whip up a treat for herself. But there's always plenty to share.
"If I'm baking anyway and have leftovers, I'll take them out there too," she said.
When she brings her treats, she always feels appreciated.
"They are always so welcoming and happy to see me," she said. "They make you feel that your time is worthy and appreciated."
Taylor says she tries to encourage others to seek out volunteer opportunities with EveryStep Hospice.
"Just reach out and give back," she said. "Be fulfilled from it. Volunteering with hospice, I can't speak enough about how great the organization is. Everyone treats you like you're a precious angel that's helping out."
If you or someone you know has an interest in volunteering with EveryStep, please visit our website and fill out a volunteer interest form.

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