Thieves Steal Items Intended for Grieving Iowa Families - EveryStep Requests Donations

Thieves broke into an Urbandale warehouse overnight, stealing items needed for the EveryStep Grief & Loss Services' Cheer Box program. Cheer Boxes are a holiday box of 12, family-friendly gifts that go out to families and individuals that have felt the pain of losing a loved one. During the holiday season, we want to remind them that they have our support and care. 

The warehouse broken into last night was being used by volunteers to box and wrap the Cheer Boxes, which are scheduled to be picked up Friday for delivery. EveryStep staff and volunteers are planning to deliver 660 Cheer Boxes this holiday season. 

The Urbandale Police Department is investigating the incident, in which two EveryStep automobiles were stolen, along with games and other items intended for the Cheer Boxes.

EveryStep is requesting monetary donations to replace the Cheer Box items as quickly as possible. To make a donation, visit