EveryStep's Valentines: Thank You Donors

Each day, EveryStep strives to empower individuals, support families and strengthen communities. But none of that is possible without the support of our amazing donors. 

This Valentine's Day we want to send a huge EveryStep-filled Heart to all our past, present and future donors, asking them, "will you be our Valentine?" 

A few of our wonderful donors graciously answered the call to share with you just why they have provided support to EveryStep through the year. We hope you will consider joining them in the future.  Consider becoming an EveryStep valentine by making a donation

Lil Waters

I love EveryStep because…..the leadership and staff are an exceptionally talented and committed team dedicated to providing outstanding services to Central Iowa.

 I support EveryStep because……I have personally experienced the outstanding service the EveryStep team provides while my dear mother walked her journey to heaven through her stay at Kavanagh House.  The compassion provided to her, while allowing her to maintain her dignity and enjoy her time on earth have opened our eyes and hearts to this great organization and the angels that do their work. 

Charlie Kiesling

I love EveryStep because….. the mission supports families at every step of our lives, birth to death. As a member of the Board of Trustees, I see the direct impact our programs make on the communities served.
I support EveryStep because…… it is important! Families need EveryStep’s programs and support.

Graham Cook 


I support EveryStep because..... I believe there is a need to educate families about hospice services and how hospice can support them throughout their difficult journey.

Bill Warner 

I love EveryStep because..... of how they touch so many people in the community.  When I first became involved with EveryStep about 5 years ago, I only knew them as Hospice of Central Iowa.  I had 3 personal experiences with them when my father, grandfather, and grandmother passed away, and I experienced the wonderful work they did.  I didn’t realize all the other programs they offer to our community.  They truly help Iowans through every step of life.

I support EveryStep because..... I know the great work that they do.  It’s not easy to provide all the different services that EveryStep provides.  It takes resources, human and financial, to operate their many programs.  From helping young moms after child birth, to helping kids and families after the loss of a loved one, to making a loved ones last days as comfortable as can be, Every Step touches so many people, I can’t help but want to support their incredible organization.

Judy Ralston-Hansen

I love EveryStep because…..  of the compassion they show our clients each and every day.
I support EveryStep because…… of our scope of support, they are truly with our clients at every stage of life. 


Pam Schoffner

I love EveryStep because....
* it responds to critical community needs
* it is diverse -- its impact spans pre-birth to post-death
* it has strong leaders and a caring workforce
* it makes a difference for people at life’s vulnerable times
* it continues to evolve to remain relevant
* its people amaze me in their compassion
I support EveryStep because….
* it delivers on its mission — it responds to critical community needs
* it helped me when I needed support
* I want it to continue to exist and serve Iowans
* I volunteer with EveryStep — dollars go where my energy flows!
* What I give can be used for many different and vital programs
* If you care about an organization you support it 
* I am proud to be part of the organization