Why I Enjoy Working at EveryStep: Care & Support

EveryStep Care & Support Services provides medical and social services for women, children and families, adults and seniors. Since 1908, our staff have provided family support, health screenings, home visits, parent education and connections to community resources to improve the health of children and families in our community.  

Our more than 30 programs address each client's unique situation. For instance, EveryStep Interpretation employees speak more than 30 languages, providing a gateway for non-English speaking clients, helping them access available resources. Likewise, EveryStep Community Health offers a variety of screenings and immunizations, including on-site flu clinics, workplace wellness screenings, paternity tests, and tuberculosis testing for those in our community. 

EveryStep employees turn to each other for shared expertise, to help connect their clients to vital community resources, and to work together through challenges – all to ensure the people they serve are able to live their best lives. This commitment to empowering each other is what make EveryStep's collaborative culture possible. 

To this end, EveryStep recently received its seventh Top Workplaces honor by The Des Moines Register.  This recognition is a testament to the employees who make EveryStep the organization it is. 

Today, our EveryStep Care & Support Services team members share in the organization’s recognition, and proudly exclaim just why they enjoy working for EveryStep.  

"I enjoy working here because of my team.  They are the best.  Plus, I feel this organization understands we have families and at times our families need us.  They are flexible and support trying to make it work for everyone." - Lanette Nelson, Healthy Start manager

“I love my team. I feel very lucky to get to work with them every day. We have been through a lot together and are always there for each other.” Alison Pick, Community Health Program Coordinator

“Being an interpreter at EveryStep has been very rewarding. My job gives me the opportunity to have a positive impact on people’s lives and make a different every day.

Resettling in America is difficult and stressful. Language barriers and cultural difference can make it more difficult for refugees and immigrates to adjust to life in America. My job as an interpreter at EveryStep helps me give a voice to these individuals.

I feel that I am working with professionals that I can learn from. I feel respected and valued. I am rewarded everyday by seeing the work EveryStep does firsthand as an interpreter. I can see the successes clients have and how EveryStep services are helping them through difficult and stressful times.

I am proud to say I work for EveryStep and am honored to still be a part of EveryStep after 9 years.” – Mtee Paw, outreach specialist/interpreter.

“Our team works with Drake Headstart, childcare providers (home and center), as well as providing wellness screenings and flu shots around Des Moines and surrounding communities.  I love working for EveryStep knowing that our company makes an impact on our community. Not only do we have an awesome team, we also have a supportive and encouraging manager, senior staff and CEO!” – Liz Rezek, community health registered nurse

“Working at EveryStep has been the best professional experience in my 30+ year career as a nurse. Our mission is not just words on a paper. It is a commitment, felt every day, in the way the agency treats their staff and the way our staff treats their clients,” Jeanette Luthringer, Community Health director 

To learn about career opportunities available at EveryStep, please visit www.everystep.org.