With Employees In Mind, EveryStep Adopts $15/Hour Minimum Wage

As one of the state’s largest and longest-standing nonprofit organizations, EveryStep strives to provide Iowans with compassionate care and support at every stage of their lives.

In order to provide this level of care to patients and clients, the 111-year-old organization must ensure that its dedicated workforce, including hospice and home health aides and others, are given the tools to succeed, including a livable wage.  

EveryStep announced today that it will implement a $15/hour minimum wage for employees. 

The change will increase wages as much as nearly $4/hour for some employees, and impact 14 types of roles within the EveryStep organization. In all, 44 employees will be immediately impacted by the change, with 56% of the affected individuals working as hospice and home care aides. 

“We are constantly looking for ways to improve the lives of our employees and we recognize that the first step to providing excellent care to our clients and patients is to make sure our employees are taken care of as well,” said Tray Wade, EveryStep president and CEO.

In the decision to increase its minimum wage, EveryStep took into consideration the national conversation related to livable wage, and the United Way of Central Iowa’s efforts to increase the number of Iowans who are financially stable. 

“As a non-profit, we are constantly driven to be more efficient with our resources,” Wade said.  “The smartest investment we can make is in our own hard-working, compassionate employees. Our goal is to be the employer of choice in our field and we believe this increase will pay dividends in terms of speed of hiring and employee retention.”

EveryStep’s minimum wage increase takes effect on March 1, 2019, for current and incoming employees.
If you would like to join the EveryStep team visit our career website to learn about job opportunities.