Community Action Network

The Community Action Network (CAN) is a collaboration of organizations, agencies, programs, and individuals in central Iowa with a focus on improving the lives of people in our community. Through the development of educational tools and resources, we help providers, caregivers, parents, and other community members understand best practices in caring for children and families.

CAN Community Partners

The following organizations are proud to be part of the Community Action Network:

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Safe Sleep Campaign

The Safe Sleep campaign is the first initiative of the Community Action Network. Launched in early 2020, this educational campaign creates awareness and promotes safe sleep practices with the goal of preventing sleep-related infant deaths. To do this, we provide group education to pregnant women, caregivers, and others who work directly with those audiences. 

As part of the campaign, CAN also developed a safe sleep toolkit designed for home visitors, medical professionals, and community members. The toolkit includes a custom-designed screening tool that can be used to help identify risk factors in homes and childcare settings and serves as a way to introduce safe sleep conversations with caregivers. The kit also contains a wealth of educational resources and handouts, including some resources in Spanish. A list of community resources is also provided should families need additional support.

Our team of educators is available to make on-site presentations. Each participant will receive a flash drive and hard copy of the toolkit to keep at no charge. If you would like to learn more, please email or call (515) 558-9971. If you would like to download resources click the buttons below.

UnityPoint Brochure SIDS Awareness Infographic  Safe Sleep Presentation Flyer 

Here is a listing of additional infant safe sleep education resources:

Note: CAN began reaching out to the community in February 2020 with educational sessions scheduled for April; however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have halted our in-person education efforts. These sessions will resume at a later date.

Safe Sleep Education for Professionals Video

Video created in collaboration with UnityPoint Health.

Healthy Start

CAN is led by the Healthy Start Project of EveryStep. To learn more about Healthy Start, click here

Future Initiatives

As this collaboration grows stronger, CAN will continue to develop educational initiatives to improve the lives of people in our community. If your organization is interested in becoming a part of this group, please email or call (515) 558-9971.

Interest Form

I am interested in becoming an Infant Safe Sleep Educator and receive a toolkit. Please send me more information.