Healthy Homes Iowa

Healthy Homes Iowa is a collaborative effort between EveryStep and community partners to reduce health hazards within homes in Polk County.

Eligible rentors and owners can receive free assessments and modifications to address issues that can cause potential illness or injury.

Apartment ComplexSome of the most serious health problems for children and seniors may start at home.
Many things inside a home can cause injury or illness, especially to children and older adults. Some potential health hazards include:

  • Moisture and mold.
  • Poor ventilation.
  • Pests and insects.
  • Poor lighting and trip hazards.
  • Excessive cold or heat.

Home Modifications

This program is for homeowners and rentors. If a household qualifies, an EveryStep Healthy Homes consultant can visit the home to make a full assessment and recommendations, provide education, help residents obtain items to make their space safer, and coordinate contractors when necessary. There is no cost for these items and services. 

For more information, call (515) 333-4549.

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Making Your Home a Healthier and Safer Place to Live.