Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

How do I know what opportunities are available?

You can login to your account at any time to see if there are any needs available, updates, or new available shifts added or slots still remaining. You can also reach out to your volunteer leader for more information about available activities and opportunities.

Log in at https://app.betterimpact.com/Login/Login or in the My Impact app and click on the Opportunities tab.

Please Note: You may need to update your Qualifications to see some Activities (for example, providing rides will require a valid background check and driver’s license. You can update your Qualifications under the My Profile tab. Other times Opportunities may be visible to everyone and you may be required to provide your Qualifications after signing up.

How do I get started volunteering?

Click here to learn more about getting started.

Screening Questions

Are there prerequisites or requirements to volunteer?
There may be prerequisites or requirements based on the program or activity of interest. For example, volunteers must have a background check performed and a valid driver’s license if you would like to provide a ride for a client. Activities that involve face to face contact or entering a client/patient/participant’s home will require passing a background check. Activities that involve contact with clients/patients/participants will require passing a sex offender database check.
What is the background check process?
Background checks are always required for any intentional face to face interaction of service. EveryStep staff are responsible for processing all background checks after they have been completed and will update a volunteer account. Our staff will send an email to volunteers letting them know when a background check needs to completed. Background and personal information is not shared beyond staff and is typically limited to a pass or fail. A failure to pass a background check will end up in a conversation with our Volunteer Resources Director and the local Volunteer Leader to discuss the circumstances and what roles the volunteer is eligible for at EveryStep. A past criminal history will not necessarily preclude volunteers from being eligible to help depending on the volunteer activity and role, nature of the history and time passed. If you have felony or criminal background in your history, the Volunteer Resources Director & your local Volunteer Leader would be open to a discussion after the check has been made to discuss volunteer opportunities and if there are any limitations on your participation.

Software Support

I forgot my username/password or can’t get logged in. What do I do now?
  1. Click the “Forgot your username or password?” link on MyVolunteerPage.com.
    2. Select “I forgot my password” and enter your username OR select “I forgot my username” and enter your email address.
    4. Click on I’m not a robot and click the [Send Email] button.
    5. Check your email inbox. If you selected "I forgot my password," click on the link in the email and click the [Reset my Password] button. Check your email inbox again for your account details (username and temporary password). If you selected "I forgot my username," retrieve your username from the email.
    6. Visit www.myvolunteerpage.com and login using the credentials sent to you.
How do I sign up for activities?
  1. Log on to MyImpactPage.com.
    2. Click on the OPPORTUNITIES tab. Looking to volunteer once on a specific day? Select Opportunity Calendar. This page lets you find opportunities on a calendar to easily find activities on the days you are available to help. Looking for a specific activity that isn’t showing on the calendar or occurs on a recurring pattern? Select Opportunity List. Activities that don’t have specific dates or times aren’t able to be rendered on the calendar and there may also be some activities that are visible to you in the list, but not the calendar.
How do I install the My Impact app on my phone?
  1. Open your App Store on your smartphone.
    2. Search for “My Impact."
    3. Select the App “My Impact” by Productivity. See below for an image of what the App will look like.
    4. Click the download button.


Are you interested in learning more before committing to a volunteer position? Contact our administrative building at 515-274-3400.