Every Day is Something New: A Story from Our Nurse Family Partnership Program

Amanda Devereaux describes herself as an ordinary person, but her job isn't exactly typical.

Helping With the Unimaginable: A Story from our Community Home Visitation Program

At 17 years old, Sonia Jimenez found herself facing the unimaginable: she was pregnant. Just a junior in high school, Jimenez turned to her school nurse, who suggested she reach out to EveryStep. At first, Jimenez declined the suggestion, thinking she would be able to do it on her own, but she soon changed her mind.

Taking on New Challenges: From Social Worker to Bereavement Counselor

As a social worker with more than 20 years of experience on her resume, Denise Nahnsen was looking for a new challenge when she accepted a position as a bereavement counselor at EveryStep.

Four Common Medication Problems in Aging

If you're helping an older person with health and healthcare, chances are that person is taking at least a few prescription medications. Do you ever wonder if he or she is on the right medications? Do you worry about side effects and interactions?