A Story from Our Amanda the Panda Program: Haydyn Howland

Haydyn Howland was destined to be a big brother, and after eight years of waiting, the caring and nurturing boy's dream came true with the birth of his little sister Adrianna. Haydyn immediately embraced his brotherly duties - changing all of his new sister's diapers and making sure she was taken care of. Forty-four days after Adrianna's birth something happened that Haydyn couldn't control: His beloved little sister died of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Having a difficult time coping with his loss, Haydyn's grandmother suggested he attend EveryStep's Amanda the Panda grief support group.

A Story from our Foundation: Sarah Sullivan

Sarah Sullivan, 35, has seen over 200 different doctors in her lifetime. She had her first open heart surgery at just 2 months old. Sarah has never given up on life despite several critical surgeries, a rare blood disease Mayo Clinic named the "Sarah Sullivan Syndrome", and devastatingly low levels of oxygen. She continues to have an upbeat spirit and is surrounded by a family that loves and cherishes her.

Not Just a Nurse: A Story of Our Nurse-Family Partnership Program

The program helps clients establish healthy habits in preparation for their babies by matching a newly pregnant woman with a home-visiting nurse like Miller, who checks in with the family until the child turns 2 years old.

Death is Not Something to Be Feared

Sixty-eight percent of people in the United States admit they have a fear of death. Whether that be a fear of their own death or the death of their closest friends and family, people are scared of what could be the ultimate end.